About Oren Shabat Laurent

I Israeli businessman Oren Shabat Laurent is an international authority on digital trading options. After several years of doing pioneering work in the field of online trading, Laurent started diversifying his business interests, and now has a variety of investments in other industries.

Early Life and Education

Laurent was born in Israel in 1984 and grew up in New York, USA. When he was 17, he moved back to his birth country and soon started his military service. Between 2002 and 2006 Oren Shabat Laurent trained as part of the Israeli Defense Forces Paratroopers Brigade, and achieved the rank of staff sergeant. After receiving an honorable discharge from the army, he returned to the United States where he studied Economics at New York University.

A Career in Trading

After his studies Oren proceeded to start his professional career by working for several industry leaders on Wall Street, as a retail broker in the stocks and structures sector. In the last part of 2009, when the global economic recession struck, Laurent once again returned to Israel, where he set off on an entrepreneurial venture. He founded an online trading company, the largest digital options exchange in the world. Since then Laurent has been regularly called upon to share his deep knowledge of online options trading, and has become known as an industry expert. He is also considered a specialist in the legislation and the statutory regulations surrounding the industry. Oren Shabat Laurent is firm in his resolve that a higher level of transparency and tougher regulations ought to be enforced to safeguard digital options companies and traders.

Diversifying Business Interests

Not limited to digital trading, Laurent also has a keen interest in investment options in other industries, and pays particular attention to innovative startups and real estate investments. He owns Domus Market Place and Domus Underwriting. Domus Market Place is a real estate firm with special focus on developing environmentally friendly property in suburbs around the center of Israel. The underwriting firm deals with financing a variety of large real estate initiatives across the country. Laurent also has shares in a hotel in historical Tiberias called the Arazim Tveria, which has a stunning view of Lake Kinneret.

Oren Shabat Laurent’s Philanthropic Activities

Outside of his many business commitments Laurent is greatly involved with philanthropic activities within his community, and has opened personal and family trusts that are used to fund specific projects. Charitable ventures include helping an organization that provides recreation to children with special needs, so their families are allowed a break. Laurent is also passionate about sport and sponsored several Israeli athletes, as well as the prominent teams Liverpool Football Club and Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club, via his online trading company.

Home Life

An avid sports fan on all fronts, Oren Shabat Laurent keeps a close watch on how his favorite teams are doing throughout the year. To keep himself fit, he spends time in the boxing arena on a daily basis. He is happily married with two children.

Diversifying Into Cryptocurrency

Keeping up with futuristic finance trends, Oren Shabat Laurent has diversified his business interests to include cryptocurrency. While some entrepreneurs have been frozen by fear of this new and radical global phenomenon, progressive entrepreneurs like Laurent are embracing the opportunities cryptocurrency holds – despite the difficulties that arise when embracing a financial frontier such as this. What is known is that since Bitcoin was introduced as the first decentralized cryptocurrency, many others competitors have been created. Some say that these currencies will be our main method of exchange in the future, and pioneers like Laurent are leading the charge.