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About The Israel Olympic Committee

The Israel Olympic Committee is the pinnacle sports institution in Israel operating under the auspices of the Olympic Convention and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which supervises all member federations, Olympic sports organizations, sports centers, Olympic athletes and associated public officials. The Israel Olympic Committee joined the Olympic movement in 1952, the year it sent its first team of athletes to the Olympic Games in Helsinki. It assumed responsibility for the preparation and transportation of the Israeli delegation to the Olympic Games and to international sporting events hosted by the IOC. In order to meets its objectives, the IOC operates long-term programs in coordination with other sports federations and associations that foster the professional development of athletes. This is done through its professional training division: Elite Sport Department.
The Foundation partners with the Israel Olympic Committee to give monthly scholarships to outstanding athletes, and grants to support the achievement of elite athletes representing the State of Israel.

In the last two months, businessman Oren Shabat Laurent and his wife made a donation to fund a monthly stipend for five young, outstanding, Israeli athletes who will represent Israel at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. The athletes will receive these monthly scholarships for a period of 4.5 years, until the Olympics Games begin. The amount of the stipend is according to the standard scholarship rate set by the IOC. The Olympic Committee held an event in Tel Aviv this month, July 2016. Oren Shabat Laurent shared his thoughts, saying, “I am happy for this unique opportunity given to me to support and assist outstanding, young Israeli athletes. I was very impressed by the system of the Israel Olympic Committee which surrounds its athletes with professional and financial structures, with clearly delineated goals and objectives focused on winning. Sports is an excellent tool for imbuing the values of excellence, perseverance, determination, overcoming hardships and reaching above challenges to pursue personal goals. I am proud of all of you and hope for your success.”

Spotlight on the five winners of the Oren Shabat Laurent scholarship to support Israeli athletes going to 2020 Tokyo games:

Linoi Ashram

Linoi Ashram: age 17, from Rishon L’tzion, artistic gymnast. Ashram participated for the first time last year, and won four gold and silver medals in the World Championships, Grand Prix, in Borno. She is the youngest Israeli gymnast ever to win medals in the Grand Prix round.

Andre Tzriok

Andre Tzriok, age 23, from Rehovot, Greco Roman wrestler weighing up to 59 kg. Andre has been training since age 9 and by the age of 20, had won medals in the European and World Championships. In March 2016, he won the bronze medal at the European Championships in Bulgaria, at the age of 23. (needed to win 3 battles). 19 athletes participated in the competition.

Raz Hirshko

Raz Hirshko, age 18, from Netanya, Judo competitor, weighing up to 78 kg. Raz graduated from the Wingate Institute Academy of Excellence.She currently serves in the IDF and is a top athlete. In February 2016, Raz won the gold medal in the under age 21 category in the European Cup held in Greece. Among other things last year, Raz also won the gold medal in the under age 21 category European Championships. She has won numerous other medals in other international competitions. Raz is the adult Israeli Champion in the under 78 kg class.

Yuval Freilich

Yuval Freilich, age 21, from Metsukai Yam, fencer, as of April 2016 he reached 33 in the world. In the beginning of 2016, Yuval won a silver medal at the European Championships, in the age 23 and younger category, and a bronze medal in the World Cup Championship held in Vancouver, Canada. In previous years, Yuval won the European Youth Championship and many other international competitions for youth and adults. Yuval served in the IDF, was an outstanding soldier and today combines his sports practice with the study of law at the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya.

Dovid Albordian

Dovid Albordian, age 23, from Nahariya, is a competitive boxer in the up to 52 kg class. At the beginning of 2016, Dovid won a gold medal in the “Belgrade Winner,” an international competition. Last year, he reached fifth place in the European Games in Baku, and silver and bronze medals in international competitions in Bulgaria and Spain.

The five winners of the Oren Shabat Laurent's scholarship with Oren and Sivan Shabat Laurent

Photo Credit : Israel Olympic Committee