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About the Krembo Wings Movement

Krembo Wings is an Israeli youth movement and a leader in social change for special needs children as well as children without special needs. It is the first and only organization of its kind in the world. The nonprofit currently operates branches in 48 locations across the country and is working to expand its presence to additional locations. Over the past nine years, Krembo Wings has served more than 1,200 special needs kids, aged 7-21, with a complex set of challenges, and around 3,000 children from the general population. In total, the organization has reached more than 4,000 children and teenagers. In the last two months, Oren Shabat Laurent and his wife made a very generous donation to Krembo Wings to fund the establishment of a new branch in the city of Dimona, in southern Israel. The branch was established in partnership with the mayor, who provided the infrastructure, which will serve as a center for the city. Thanks to the donation provided by Oren Shabat Laurent, the Dimona branch of Krembo Wings will open in October 2016 and serve as a one-of-a-kind facility for the city’s special needs children.

At a recent meeting with Dimona Mayor, Benny Beeton and Krembo Wings Chairman Nir Bronstein, Oren Shabat Laurent said, “I am happy to have the opportunity to help children with special needs. This is a reflection of our shared responsibility as a society to look after and take care of these special children, to ensure their safety. Krembo Wings brings together children with special needs and those without, and its contributions to social change is important and unparalleled.”
Oren Shabat Laurent at Krembo Wings Dimona

Oren and Sivan Shabat Laurent at Krembo Wings-Dimona

Photo Credit: Ehud Malul