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Wildlife Hospital, near the Ramat Gan Safari Park

The Wildlife Hospital was founded by the Ramat Gan Safari Park, Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Israel Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation in order to care for and protect wildlife, and restore and conserve endangered species. Since its establishment, the Wildlife Hospital near the Ramat Gan Safari Park has been treating wounded and sick wildlife, helping them to recover and returning them to nature. Through a variety of activities involving the public and in particular students, the Hospital is fulfilling its role in maintaining wildlife populations and protecting them from harm.

In the last two months, Oren Shabat Laurent and his wife donated to the Wildlife Hospital to help with the acquisition of an advanced endoscopic device, which improves the quality of medical care given to wild animals.

In a recent meeting with Dr. Yigal Horowitz, the Hospital veterinarian, and Oren Shabat Laurent and his wife, Oren said, “Yigal and the hospital staff are doing an enormous, heartwarming and unique work here, underscoring our responsibility to maintain the quality of life in the environment and protecting wild animals in Israel. I am happy to have been given the opportunity to assist you in this important work, and I think you for that.”

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Oren Shabat Laurent and Igal Horowitz

Oren Shabat Laurent and Dr. Yigal Horowitz

Photo Credit : Aviv Hofie