Oren Shabat Laurent's Investments

Domos Market Place

Domos Market Place is a real estate company based in Kfar Saba and Ra’anana, in Israel's cental Sharon region. The company markets and manages real estate, including new construction projects, second hand-homes, private and commercial properties and land. Domos Market Place is a resource for investors looking for the best properties in the Sharon region. It also offers property management services, renting and maximizing income for owners. The company prides itself on bringing a unique way of doing business to the Israeli real estate scene. All Domos agents are actual employees of the company, which is a departure from the independent contractor model typically used by real estate companies. Domos Market Place employees receive outstanding benefits, including a company car - something unheard of in any other real estate company in Israel.

Domos Underwriting

Domos Underwriting brings its unique underwriting model to the real estate market in the Sharon region Israel. The company offers potential buyers new, alternative financing options, and seeks to replicate its model in the marketplace. Under the Domos model, buyers can qualify for a lease-to-buy mortgage, whereby they make a very affordable down-payment and then pay the bank rent for a certain period of time, such as five years. These rent payments are allocated to the mortgage, and after five years the buyers have the option of paying the balance of the sale amount and purchase the home they have been renting outright. If during the five year rental period, the renters—soon to be home owners—see that they have outgrown the space, they can transfer the five years of rental payments to a larger property, with the addition of another down-payment. Potential buyers also have the option of canceling the deal altogether, and their rent payments remain as such.

The Arazim Hotel

Arazim is a unique apartment complex located on the site of the Ministry of Absorption in Tiberias, near the Sea of Galilee. This venture saw the remodeling a campus of old long-term apartment buildings, turning them into a small neighborhood of very popular short-term, two and three room apartments. The property remains busy with visitors from around the world, with the majority of its 97 residential units being booked months in advance. The Arazim Hotel offers a unique twist on the tourist accommodation business, providing affordable vacation apartments that are private, giving visitors the experience of 'living' in Israel. Most of the apartments have great views and the compound has easy access to all the tourist sites in the city. There is a synagogue on the grounds and plenty of places to gather with family or make new friends. The vacation apartment trend is growing tremendously in Israel, a fact that has caught the eye of the entire hospitality industry, and the guest experience offered at Arazim keeps it at the forefront of the business.